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Manuel AdrianzénINNER REALISM

Seeing Manuel Adrianzén's body of work as a whole, we can realize that despite a variety of covered subjects and different techniques, the realistic representation of images appears as a common denominator. This is pretty obvious in his early works of social realism, however, this realistic depiction becomes a essential tool in his surrealist paintings as in his latest mythical-symbolic works as well, for it helps these subjects to emerge from abstraction and become legitimate as something tangible and real. Chronologically speaking, the direction of his work takes us gradually to delve into the human condition. Despite the fact that in his early works might predominate technical aspects, the characters of these social portraits still predispose towards psychological exploration. In addition to the fact that this subject is the beginning of his artistic work, it can be considered at the same time as a beginning of a personal quest when we see that through the following subjects covered, such as portraits of women immersed in total darkness and then the female figure that makes a way to a surreal and symbolic world, the artist will lead us towards an ever deeper exploration of the human psyche.

Manuel Adrianzen - "The Man in the Box"

Manuel Adrianzén, Peruvian artist based in Malaga.

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