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"He experienced his projection as a property of matter; but  what he was in reality  experiencing was his own unconscious."  

– Carl G. Jung, Psychology and Alchemy

This series of works is an annex of the “Plastic Mind" project, which broadens the subject of deep explorations of the human mind for self-awareness and also, displays an interest for experimentation with different artistic materials as well.

Taking inspiration in myths where a woman is the central character, these works represent the first part of a story about a woman’s immersion into her own unconsciousness through a series of archetypal, mythical-symbolic dreams. This is how the woman’s image will be transformed as the prima materia of the alchemical process, thus exposing the different stages of her psychological growth within the theoretical framework of depth psychology. It is an approach to the unconscious with a focus on the Feminine, for a better understanding of women’s nature and the female psyche.


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